2019/10/31 11:45:55

Solaroom Successfully Passed Factory Audit By American Customer

August 30, 2018, Solaroom has successfully passed factory audit done by American customer, a large roofing manufacturer.

Every year, American Customer’s network of 18,000 contractor partners assess over 2 billion roofs and install more than one million. Additionally, American Customer has invested in over 100 megawatts of commercial solar projects since 2015.

Given its roofing expertise and solar experience, American Customer has developed a new solar roof system, It is a complete package of solar components that integrate with roofing shingles to provide a waterproof solar installation, warranty benefits, and electricity savings to the consumer.

Recently, American Customer has been prequalifying a set of potential suppliers. they will perform a detailed inspection and review of the finalists’ business practices, factories, pricing, schedule and the like with a goal to select the supply partner(s) by October 2018. Once seleted, they will engage with the selected suppliers (s) to draft and negotiate a supply contract with the goal to consummate the agreement by November 2018.

Early this morning, a 10-member team from American Customer, which includes personals from procurement, QA, Engineer departments, attends Solaroom factories for a site audit. The audit is divided into 10 individual quality processes.  

The team ending the whole day visit by saying “This is a wonderful experience. Among the three finalists we visited, Solaroom absolutely the best one. We are satisfied with all your performance. I am looking forward to our further cooperation. ” by R.M., the quality manager of American company.

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